receiving doctoral degree at UCLA, 2007


Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering (D.Env.), 2007, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
M.S. Geology, 1997, UCLA (GPA 3.8/4.0)
B.S. Geology, 1995, California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)(GPA 3.7/4.0)


Vice-chair / CASQA (CA Stormwater Quality Assn.) 2009-present

San Bernardino Storm Water Manager--San Bernardino County--September 2002 to February 2011.

California Regional Water Quality Control Board--Los Angeles Region
June 2000 to August 2002: Environmental Specialist III--Storm Water Unit
Managed implementation of 2000 Ventura County Municipal Storm Water Permit
Conducted inspections of industrial facilities and constructions sites for compliance with the Statewide NPDES General Permits for Storm Water Discharges
Wrote enforcement letters including notices of violation and administrative civil liabilities
Participated in educational outreach to regulated community
Designed study to determine effectiveness of detention basins for mitigation of stream channel and bank erosion

UCLA--Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)
January 1998 to June 2000: Environmental Science and Engineering Program; GSR II
Sampled dry and wet weather agricultural runoff (Calleguas Creek Watershed, Ventura County, California) using manual and automatic sampling techniques with simultaneous flow measurements.
Filtered water samples and extracted organic contaminants from liquid and solid phase using liquid-liquid and supercritical fluid extraction.
Estimated loadings from measured concentrations and flow rates.
Supervisor: Dr. Mel Suffet.
Compiled database of self-reported storm water monitoring data for Los Angeles County industrial facilities.
Analyzed data for correlations with rainfall and trends over time.
Presented results at ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) 26th Annual Water Resources Planning and Management Conference, Tempe Arizona, June 8, 1999.
Conducted mailing and telephone surveys of industrial facilities covered by the NPDES storm water permit.
Assessed facilities' compliance with regulations.
Poster presented at the University of California Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Symposium, Berkeley, California, April 1998.
Supervisor: Dr. L. Donald Duke.

June 1996 to September 1997: Earth and Space Sciences Department; GSR I
Developed low-blank method for open-bed cation-exchange column chromatography for strontium in very small (< 0.5 mg) mineral samples.
Analyzed lava samples for strontium, lead, and neodymium isotope ratios using thermal ionization mass spectrometry; interpreted results.
Poster presented at the IAVCEI International Volcanological Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, July 1998.
Supervisor: Dr. Jon P. Davidson.

American Building Supply (concurrently attending CSUS)
April 1991 to June 1995: Sacramento, California; Shipping Supervisor
Fully responsible for shipping operations (swing shift).
Organized, scheduled, hired and trained shipping crew of 10-15 employees.
Maintained safety program and wrote shipping procedures.

June 1990 to March 1991: Sacramento, California; Team Leader
Supervised 4-member loading team and loaded trucks with forklift.

TNT Reddaway Truck Line January 1989 to May 1990: Santa Fe Springs, California; Operations Manager
Shared responsibilities for start up of new freight terminal.
Hired and trained drivers and dock personnel (25-40 employees).
Organized fleet maintenance and safety programs and projected equipment needs.

March 1987 to December 1989, Redding, California; Terminal Manager
Full responsibility for terminal operations; reported to company owner.
Hired and trained personnel (6-9 employees).
Maintained customer contacts and increased terminal revenue through sales efforts.


American Geophysical Union
American Chemical Society
American Water Resources Association
International Humic Substances Society


Demonstrated leadership, management, and problem-solving abilities.
Computer literate (PC and Mac); experienced with Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Aldus Freehand, ArcView/GIS, Erdas Imagine and Filemaker Pro.
Field and laboratory experience in geology and water quality.


UCLA Regents Fellowship
Geological Society of America student research grant
Sigma XI student research grant
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Three commendations for excellent TA course evaluations; Earth and Space Sciences Department (UCLA)


Environmental Engineering Introduction to Environmental Engineering Science
Engineering Hydrology
Unit Operations for Water and Wastewater Treatment
v Surface Water Hydrology
Introduction to Marine Biology
Applied Ecology
Atmospheric Chemistry
Isotope Geochemistry
Physical Geochemistry
Geographic Information Systems
Remote Sensing
Fundamentals of Toxicology
Fate and Transport of Chemicals in Aquatic Environment Stress and Deformation
Atmospheric Transport and Transformations of Airborne Chemicals Policy
Watershed Management
Environmental Law (UCLA School of Law)
Coastal Zone Management
Environmental Impact Assessment

References available on request.

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